El Paso, TX  Landmark Signage on I-10 and EPCC Campus


EPCC Landmark Signage Benefits:

  1.    Located in the Highest Income El Paso Demographic  

  2.    2.8 Million + Motorists per Month
    (1.5 million each direction per mo.)

  3.    96,600+ Motorist per day

  4.    Visibility for over 1 mile in each direction

  5.    TXDOT Traffic Count:  70,000

  6.    D.E.C.   48,300

  7.    14’ x 48’ Illuminated, Tri-Vison Bulletin

  8.    Rates:  Call for Current Rates

  9.    Latitude:  31°54'0.75"N,   Longitude: 106°35'0.66"W


This Landmark Sign has great visibility at nearly 50’ tall.  Both sides of the sign have Tri-Vision faces that support up to three advertisers each and show to motorists traveling on I-10.  The  Tri-Vision is mesmerizing as it rotates every 8 seconds.

Additionally 10% of the time on the color LED Message Center is reserved for Advertisers.

Development in the Northwest area of El Paso is exploding.  Over 96,000 motorists pass by this Landmark Sign every day, and there are very few billboards in this corridor.  EPCC boasts a very desirable demographic with a population of over 45,000 at the college.

As a proud supporter* of the College over 700,000 people in El Paso will recognize the advertiser as an established community leader.

* A portion of the advertising revenue goes toward scholarships for deserving future EPCC students.