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Marquee Signage

Outdoor Video Messaging and Communication to students, faculty, staff and the community has come of age with the advent of LED Digital Marquee Displays. Administrators need a communications solution that will be viewed by anyone visiting or passing by the College.  A tasteful marquee sign at the entrance to the College can prove to be a valuable tool for announcing upcoming activities and events.  Many Colleges’ campuses are fortunate to be uniquely located along major highways where they can reach literally hundreds of thousands of people allowing the promotion of upcoming sporting, theatrical or performing arts events.

A No Cost Solution

While businesses and major universities are taking advantage of new mediums of communication, trade-offs in the budgeting process for small universities, community colleges, and ISDs can delay indefinitely access to dynamic video signage. LightPoint Impressions provides digital LED marquees and digital signage solutions at no cost to the

school.  In collaboration with your school, we find local businesses to sponsor the school and to place discreet name panels or advertising on the marquee signs and digital displays while ensuring that the look and feel meets the aesthetics of your Institution.

LightPoint is focused on delivering value to our clients by implementing tasteful digital marquee signs and displays that help promote awareness of activities and events.  Our partnership approach enables your Institution to acquire a valuable asset and increase event revenue.  Your Institution will be leveraging a new medium of communication to the community, your students, faculty and staff -- at the speed of light!


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